The ONE Thing He's Actually DYING To See During Sex

It's a little raw and wild, but give him this irresistible eyeful and you'll rule the bedroom...not to mention his entire universe.




You know men love looking at your breasts. Your O face? Got it.

But experts are learning there's something else guys really want to see in the sack. "Men get intensely turned on watching themselves enter you," says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First. In fact, dudes find this image so hot, clips featuring close-up shots of penetration are getting millions of hits on the web lately. In this era of sexual intimacy, the exchange of pleasure occurs on a level playing field and fulfillment is mutual. Always curious about new ways to push the envelope in bed, we asked the pros to give details.

Why it gets him so hot

At first, it seems a bit shocking that he actually wants to fixate on his own package during sex. But when experts explain, the idea makes sense. "It taps into a guy's craving for sexual power," says Kerner. "Seeing his penis inside you affirms that he's giving you immense pleasure." Plus, men get off on the fact that it's a dirty picture that's out of the norm.

"Often, people get it on in the dark, under covers, or in positions that make it easy for a guy to watch a woman's face or body," says Kerner. "So doing it in such a way that provides him with a clear shot of the real action is totally new and highly erotic." Of course, the graphic nature of witnessing penetration doesn't hurt either. "Getting a glimpse of something so raw makes him feel he's breaking a taboo, and basically, that's just hot," says Kerner.

How to give him that mind-blowing view

If you want to be in control, straddle him on top, lean back, and rest your hands on his upper thighs. This will open up your pelvic area, so you're fully exposed to him. "It's one of the sexiest positions you can try, because he can actually observe his penis enter you and then watch you move up and down at the same time," says Jamye Waxman, co-author of Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight.

Want him in-charge? Have him take you from behind, then put your head down towards the bed-it angles your body in a way that allows him to look down easily and see himself thrusting. "The beauty is, these positions work both ways," says Waxman. "They give him that show he desires and provide you pleasure." And why not take a peek at the action for yourself when the position allows? Who knows, it might give you just as much of an erotic rush as it gives your guy.