14 Fascinating Facts About Men

Every year, researches are done on guys, love, and sex. We culled a sampling of intriguing tidbits that should be on your radar.




Men never fail to confound us, which means we'll never give up trying to figure out things like what makes dudes fall in love, how they get turned on, and why they say what they say and do what they do.

Luckily, experts are also on the case, conducting studies and unearthing new insights into how a guy's mind and body operate. Take a look at this riveting, justdiscovered info the pros have turned up. Remember, knowledge is power.

1.  Men with elevated levels of testosterone might have trouble committing, because it suppresses vasopressin, chemicals that encourage bonding. Tell tale signs:

2. 59 percent of males said that they wouldn't pursue a relationship with a woman if their first kiss left something to be desired. As long as you have great chemistry to begin with, work these sure-fire smooching techniques.

3. Men sleep better with their partner beside them; women sleep worse. Try these tips to slumber more deeply.

To minimise disturbance if he tosses and turns, use as big a mattress as possible.

Get on the same schedule: if your guy goes to bed later or rises earlier, it can wake you. Props (an eye mask, earplugs) also help.

Instead of lying faceto-face, get spooned. You may feel freer when your chest isn't blocked, which helps you drift off. Or if his breath or stubble against your neck bothers you, spoon him.

4.  Men with blue eyes are more likely to choose a blue-eyed woman as their partner. The reason: since blue eyes are a recessive genetic trait, two blue-eyed parents can only have a blue-eyed kid; a child with any other eye colour must have been fathered by another guy. Blue-eyed men subconsciously know this and select women with like-hued eyes so that they can spot if they've been cheated on.

5. Men react differently to you depending on the stage of your cycle. The hormones coursing through your system impact your mood, which affects guys' responses. Plus, the amount of pheromones (chemical signals that influence how attracted someone is to you) you give off changes.

6. Many guys placed the pursuit of a relationship as more important than achieving the following goals. Match each goal to the percentage of men who prioritise love.

7. When a guy is into you, he will subconsciously try to maximise the amount of space he takes up to assert his status and prowess. Look out for these clues.

8. A man's skin is 10 times less sensitive than a woman's is, so touch him that much more firmly.

9. Certain types of strokes and caresses can actually make a guy fall harder for you.

During a fun moment (like you two laughing), touch his hand. He'll link good times with your caress.

While he's driving, rub the back of his neck to make him feel connected to you.

Wrap your arm around his waist as you're walking side by side. This shows you're in sync.

At a party, covertly show you're thinking about him by tilting your head a bit so it touches his shoulder

10. About 47 percent of men 25 to 34 say they'd be ready to marry tomorrow if the right person came along; 53 percent said they're not interested in getting hitched soon.

11. Levels of the hormone oxytocin in a guy's body skyrocket by 500 percent post-O, which deepens trust and makes him feel connected.

Other ways to boost his oxytocin:

Stimulate his nipples.

Give him a massage.

Hug him.

12. Ever feel like certain things you tell a guy aren't getting through to him? Researchers have discovered key differences in the way males and females digest info. Here's how to get your message across.

13.  Guys often come across as curt when communicating. But don't take it personally or get paranoid that something's wrong-it turns out, there's an explanation for their abrupt delivery.

Trading insults is how men show affection for one another. Try not to be offended if he makes a playful jab at you, like mocking your talent or taste. It may indicate that he likes you.

What happened to him today: I had a nightmarishly bad day. On the way to work, I got pulled over for making an illegal left turn. Because of that, I missed a client meeting, and my boss chewed me out in front of everyone. Then I went to the dentist to have a cavity filled. He gave me so much Novacaine that for hours, I sounded like an idiot whenever I talked. To top it all off, I can't find my car keys, so I'll be late for dinner.

Men e-mail and text primarily to pass along practical info, which is why messages he sends you tend to be super-direct. By contrast, women communicate in order to build relationships. So you're more likely to contact someone just to say hi or tell a story.

14. Kiss a guy on the right side of his body. The left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for positive feelings, controls the right half of the body. So this way, he will process your presence in the optimistic part of his mind and experience greater pleasure.