Four 'Sexy' Moves You Should Skip

Most seduction ploys that your try will drive him wild and crazy, but few moves in bed can fall flat too.




As you've probably figured out by now, men aren't that complicated. All we really need to be seduced is actually a readyand-willing look on your face. It is nice, though, when you do special things like light a candle or put on some slow tunes to set the mood. Unfortunately, not all your tactics have the desired effect. Here's what can backfire when attempting to get a guy fired up.

Trying too hard

When you go overboard hinting at how much you love a good "hot dog" or slurping the "head" off your beer-wink, wink-it can come off as scripted and forced. "Every time my girl starts teasing me with porn-star talk, I know she's doing it because she thinks I want her to," says Adam*, 27. "But it's way more of a turnon when she says sexy thing that come out spontaneously."

Not letting things unfold organically

We appreciate your spending a week secretly plotting how to ravage us, but it's a bummer when you can't deviate from a predetermined passion plan. Maybe you bought 300-million threadcount sheets and cooked a romantic fourcourse meal, but if the pork loin burns and we start hooking up on the couch, just roll with it instead of mulling and fretting over the meal. Things might not turn up the way you would have expected them to, but trust us, as long as we're getting some, we'll think the night is just perfect.

Using excess props

We're psyched when you whip out, say, a flavoured condom or a buzzing toy. But break out a sex shop's worth of inventory in one night (especially if we haven't seen most of it before) and all those bells and whistles distract from the big draw: you. Not to mention, they make him wonder if he's even a necessary part of your sexual equation since you seem to be doing pretty well even without him. "I'll admit, I get really freaked out when a girl pulls out an entire toolbox of party favours," says Ryan, 26. "I can't help but look down at my own tool and wonder what parts I'm missing that she obviously needs."

Going too far in public

For some guys, being supernaughty around a bunch of strangers is kind of like using cutesy nicknames or watching Oprah-we'd like it better if there weren't a risk of getting busted. Women sometimes forget that men can't easily conceal their excitement, as Dave, 25, can attest: "I dated this girl who used to rub my crotch with her foot under the table. I never really did mind it until we were late for a movie one night and I had to leave a restaurant with a tent popped in my pants. Now I'm practically PDAphobic, it's so embarassing to be in a situation like that."