We Got Nice Guys To Talk Dirty

We convinced a slew of men to divulge the outrageous seduction moves and mattress tricks their best bedmates treated them to. Behold, every dude's secret sexual wish list.




Guys have this reputation for being totally up-front and straightforward. The funny thing is, those character traits don't necessarily apply when it comes to his lust life.

Some dudes are too bashful to tell a woman the specific strokes they crave. Others are afraid their girl might be wigged out by the positions they're dying to try and the fantasies they hope will come true. And there you are, simply wanting to be his best ever. But to do that, you have to know what truly fires his desire.

That's where Cosmo comes in. We tapped in to the secret sex dreams of scores of real men and got them to confess what they really want their girl to do in bed. Use this carnal cheat sheet and your man will think you have erotic ESP.


Little things that get him hot

"I had one girlfriend who loved to flash me her underwear. She'd sit across from me on a stool at a bar, crossing and uncrossing her legs just slowly enough so I could get a glimpse, Basic Instinct. style. Then she'd give me this little smirk because she knew she had me."

- Tanner, 28

"I can't explain why, but the sight of a girl biting her bottom lip always turns me on. Doesn't matter if it's because I'm kissing her neck or she's just contemplating something; it's such a smokin' look."

- Mario, 27

"The scent of a woman's skin after she gets out of the shower is just so clean and sexy. Seeing her glistening with water droplets and wearing nothing but a towel doesn't hurt either, but that smell of whatever �efloral-fruity' shower gels they use drives me insane."

- Jake, 32

"A woman I was involved with liked to text me discreetly when we were out together. We'd be hanging with friends at a club, and I'd get a text message that read 'Want U', Let's leave now,' I'd look over, she'd smile mischievously, and only the two of us knew what was up. I couldn't hail a cab quickly enough."

- Seth, 30

"I hit it off with a girl at a bar, and a few drinks later, we were making out intensely in a dark booth. All of a sudden, she grabbed my hair, pushed my head back, and pulled her lips just out of reach. I felt like a hungry dog straining at his leash to get at a steak. It was so intoxicating to have a girl take control."

- Louis, 27


Foreplay twists that amp up his desire

"I love it when a girl puts her hair up in a ponytail before going to work below my belt. It shows that she intends to get hot and sweaty and needs her hair out of her face so she can concentrate on pleasing me. Besides, it is a visual treat to see her go at it, clearly."

- Steve, 30

"A chick I dated in college used to rock a technique I dubbed fire starter. She would position her hands on either side of my shaft, apply a little pressure, and then run both hands up and down or side by side really fast. It was the combination of speed and gentle force that always brought me over the edge."

- Adam, 25 

"Officially, it's the perineum, but most people know it as the taint: That spot between a guy's balls and his butt. It's very sensitive. If my girl brushes it lightly with her fingertips or flicks it with her tongue, I'm completely in heaven."

- John, 27

"An ex used to hang on to lingerie that she would've otherwise tossed for the sole purpose of letting me rip it off her while we were fooling around. The rough, primal feeling I got as I tore away her clothes always put me over the top."

- Marty, 35

"Most girls haven't tried or don't realise how awesome it is to lick a guy's cut lines. the creases that separate his thighs and his torso. If I'm on my back and a woman is nibbling these sensitive areas, I'll remember her forever."

- Matt, 23


Positions he's dying to sample again

"We were going at it missionary-style when my ex lifted one of her legs and tucked it behind her head while managing to keep me inside her. I was awestruck! The best part was that she really seemed to enjoy it with her leg out of the way like that."

- Darren, 27

"The best position by far is what I call the reverse catcher. It starts like reverse cowgirl, with the girl facing away from me. But instead of kneeling on the bed, she squats over my manhood, like a baseball catcher. There's so much more up-and-down range of motion. One tip: It's easier for her if she leans forward so she can support herself with her hands."

- Jorge, 24

"In the heat of the moment, I once picked up a girl off the bed and set her down on a nearby desk. It was the perfect height for me to thrust in and out of her, and she could either lean back a bit with her legs hanging down or lie back and wrap them around my body. I could get inside her really deep, and there's nothing like conquering a whole new piece of furniture!"

- Pete, 26

"I once had this chair; I'd sit in it, and my girl would straddle me. While womanon-top on the bed feels great, in the chair, your bodies are much closer, creating a tighter feel during sex. And you can kiss. Plus, the chair gives things a very teacherstudent feel, which allows me to live out an entirely different fantasy."

- Eric, 30

"It takes a little extra energy, but I like to switch up missionary by putting my legs outside hers so her thighs are pressed together. She loves the way it feels to have her legs immobilised, and for me, it feels so much tighter than usual."

- Nathan, 32


The sex moment burned into his brain forever

"One night, I took a walk with a woman I was dating, and we found ourselves in the front yard of an elementary school next to a big, thick tree. She smiled and leaned against the tree. I unzipped my fly, lifted her skirt, and pushed aside her thong. That image and the sensations I felt will last a lifetime."

- Juan, 33

"I was dating a woman who, while really hot, gave me the impression that she was very buttoned-up and reserved. So it was amazing when we were making out on the couch one night, and out of the blue, she ordered me to go down on her using the dirtiest, filthiest, most arousing language I'd ever heard. I replay it in my mind at least once a day."

- Taz, 33

"I'll never forget the time I was at this girl's place watching my alma mater play a big football game when she straddled me on the couch. Clothes flew off, and we started going at it. I was trying to please her when she said, 'Don't worry, just watch the game.' So I did exactly that.looking at the TV over her shoulder while she rode me. Wow!"

- Van, 26

"My ex was a big fan of giving me a reverse blow job: She would lie on the bed, and I'd get in a push-up position over her. She could use her hand to keep me from going too deep, but I got to control the speed and movement. I wish more girls would give that one a try."

- Jesse, 29

"In the middle of woman-on-top sex with my last girlfriend, she suddenly shifted back a bit. I could tell the angle was a lot more pleasurable for her because her face scrunched up in a way I'd never seen before, and then, to top it off, she became wetter than any woman I'd ever experienced. It was like I was witnessing a half-sexual, half-spiritual moment. I'd give anything to relive that."

- Gordy, 31


What he really wants to try... But is scared to ask for

"I've always dreamt of coming out of a deep sleep to find a girl already having her way with me. I think it was spawned by that scene in 40 Days and 40 Nights where Josh Hartnett wakes to find his ex-girlfriend riding him like a bronco. The idea that a woman would use me as a plaything while I'm unconscious pushes all my buttons. It's like waking up to a fantasy, except it's not just imaginary!"

- Bruce, 26

"Sex in public. I don't need to get freaky on the Great Lawn of Central Park.I'd be happy doing it in a quiet wing of the library or a dark corner of a club. The potential for getting caught turns the passion up to 11."

- Anthony, 36

"I'd love for my lady to dress up in any sort of girlie costume.Catholic-schoolgirl skirt and blouse, cheerleading uniform, country-gal garb.and give me a lap dance, in character before we get busy. It would be like having sex with a different woman and let me live out my fantasy that no woman in the world can resist me."

- Jay, 33

"I used to date a girl who loved being spanked, and I consequently realised that I actually enjoyed doing the spanking. It was a thrill to be a little dominant in a very fun, playful way."

- Dax, 26

"It's simple: A threesome with your hottest friend."

- Brett, 19


Get the goods

Your guy is more apt to disclose his desires if you:

(1) promise you won't laugh, be turned off, or blab to pals, and

(2) offer to tell a fantasy of your own first.

Sex moves he hates

"Do us both a favour and create a special playlist for sex. I've hooked up with girls who set their iPods to shuffle, and inevitably, some chick anthem comes on. Nothing in the world assassinates my libido like Shania Twain's Man! I Feel Like a Woman! "

- Ed, 31

"It's a buzz-kill when a girl offers me a condom from her stash of open boxes in the drawer next to her bed. Yeah, it's reassuring that she's into safe sex, but she's also telling me that she's been with a rubber-box's-worth of dudes. I'd rather just not know."

- Chris, 25

"My girlfriend and I tried videotaping ourselves getting busy. I was psyched; I'd wanted to do it for a long time. But my enthusiasm lessened when my lady started mugging for the camera like she was at an American Idol audition. She was more interested in the camera than she was in me. Do you know how much it sucks to play second fiddle to a camcorder?"

- Steve, 30

" The last thing I want to think about in bed is my college biology class, which is what happened when a girl used anatomically correct terms while trying to talk dirty. Hearing 'penetrate my vagina with your erect penis' is as arousing as filling in boardexam answer sheet."

- Drew, 25