5 Common
Fat-Loss Myths You Should Stop Believing In


Body transformation coach Yash Vardhan Swami shares sneaky habits that can ruin your #healthgoals.

FACT: Not eating certain food groups is unhealthy and can slow down your metabolism. Eat a balanced rainbow diet.

MYTH: Cut out on carbs or fats.

FACT: Cardio is amazing but going overboard can backfire. Focus on nutrition and progressive training too.

MYTH: Only cardio can burn fat.

FACT: Weight training gives a more toned and tighter look. Consult your trainer for a holistic workout.

MYTH: Lifting weights can make women bulky.

FACT: Your body weight can fluctuate randomly as 50-70 per cent of our body is made up of water.

MYTH: Weight loss is consistent.

FACT: There are no fitness shortcuts, if they worked everyone would have a six-pack!

MYTH: Diet teas and pills are effective.