5 Hairstyles that are Damaging Your Hair


It may be difficult to treat hair damage but there are simpleways of preventing it. Read on to find out which hairstyles areruining your hair.

Tight ponytails

Wearing tight ponytails regularly can severely affect your hairline. Tight ponytails pull the hair backwards and cause a receding hairline from the front. If you have thick hair it can cause headaches too.

Hairstyles that need excessive heat styling

Your curlers and straighteners are good for use once in a while, but excessive usage rips off all the natural oils and moisture from the hair. This can lead to frizzy, dehydrated and dry hair.


Keeping the same parting over a long period of time can cause the hair to recede from there. The hair naturally starts splitting from there, no matter what you do.

Wet look ponytails or buns

Hair is at its weakest when it is damp. Regularly tying up the hair when they are wet, doing wet-look buns, wet-look ponytails or just tying them up right after a shower can cause breakage in the hair.

Hair extensions

While they look glamorous, keeping them on for long hours creates pressure on the roots and scalp due to its weight and pulls your natural hair.

Video Credits: alayaf