5 Kim Kardashian-Approved Braided Hairstyles That Are Great For Bad Hair Days


Easy and glamorous, check out these braided hairstyles that are perfect for frizzy, bad hair days. 

Tie a really high ponytail, section your hair into two parts and twist them together. Secure the ends with a hair tie.

Rope twist braid:

You can also try out the double version of the same!

Growing out your fringe or curtain bangs? Well, keep them off your face by sectioning off your hair and braiding them.

Braided part:

Just tie your hair into a high ponytail and divide it into three sections to make a three-strand braid.

Braided ponytail:

Section your hair into multiple parts and braid each section.


To switch things up, you can further braid all the sections together to create this gorgeous hairstyle.

Part- II