If You
Have Oily Skin

5 Skincare
Ingredients To AvoiD

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Alcohol-based products strip the skin off
of its natural moisture. And, while those
with oily skinare often tempted to head for
these formulas for squeaky clean skin,
once the skin loses itsnatural moisture, it
will produce more sebum to compensate
for the loss, making it all the moreoily.

Alcohol-Based Products

Aside from being non-eco-friendly,
silicone’s occlusive traits can be severely
damaging to oily, acne-prone skin.
Silicone- based products also work as a barrier to trap other comedogenic ingredients, dirt, and grime, which, in turn,
can aggravate skin conditions such as
acne, clogged pores, and blackheads or whiteheads.


Oxybenzone and octyl methoxycinnamate
are commonly used chemical agents in
sunscreens that can cause skin sensitivity,
acne, and breakouts—especially on the oily
skin type. So, before you pick a sunscreen
off the shelf, read the label.

Oxybenzone and Octyl

If your skin is already over-producing
sebum, application of face oils, especially
the ones that are high in oleic acid, may
cause further blockage of pores, causing
breakouts. Plus, it will make your skin look
greasier than usual.

Oleic Oils

Beeswax, petroleum jelly, silicone
derivatives, paraffin, and mineral oil are
a few occlusive ingredients that are often
found in moisturisers, lotions, and
sunscreens. The heavy texture of occlusives
may feel sticky on oily skin, causing
clogged pores and breakouts.

Occlusive Ingredients