5 Ways to Make
your Lipstick Last

Celebrity makeup artist,
Namrata Soni, gives you insider
tips on how to make the
lipstick last

Use a creamy lipstick, take a tissue
paper and apply it over your lips and
brush it with a little bit of powder.
This allows that creamy formulation
to set.

Use a semi matte or a long lasting
formulation; something that will not
allow your lips to go dry but at the
same time the colour will add
to your look.

Always use a brush for
application. It allows you to evenly
apply the lipstick all over the lips.

Use a nude lip liner to prevent smudging
of the lipstick. Outline your lips and
then fill it up completely with the
lips liner and then apply your lipstick.

Exfoliate and moisturize your lips.
Flaky, dry lips would never
allow lipstick to stay put.