8 K-Beauty
Trends That’ll
Give You
Glowing Skin

Cleanse your face twice, first with face oil, followed by a foaming cleanser. While the oil-based cleanser is designed to remove makeup, sebum and pollution, the water-based cleanser can work its way into your skin, getting rid of the day's dirt, grime and sweat

Double Cleansing

The flag bearers of K-beauty are of the opinion that massaging the skin enables it to absorb products more efficiently, making way for penetration to the deepest layers of the skin.

Facial Massaging

A K-beauty toner is basically a lotion which contains ingredients that promise to hydrate your skin. Korean toners address a multitude of skincare concerns including fine lines and acne damage.

Facial Toners

Korean skincare routines are all about keeping it fresh, minimal, and natural. Applying just a hint of shimmer on the cheekbones and opting for hues that are closest to ones actual skin tone are enough to get your glow-on!

Au Naturel

Korean beauty experts advise against using a towel to dry your skin, since it can cause friction. Plus, the towel hanging in your bathroom possibly harbors germs and bacteria that can cause skin irritation and allergies as well.

The Towel-Free Hack

If you use a toner for the first layer, it is recommended that you use an essence for the second. Since Korean beauty products are lightweight, it helps penetrate deeper into the skin, paving the way for better absorption of product.

Face Essence

Soaked in nutrient-rich serums that contain natural ingredients, sheet masks are made to suit your skin type. It roughly takes around 15 to 20 minutes for a sheet mask to work its wonders.

Sheet Masks

The K-beauty routine demands that you make use of a cream as the final layer, to seal off all the previous layers. Korean creams come in different varieties, varying in terms of thickness.

The Final Layer