8 Trendy Celebrity Braid Hairstyles for Summer

Video Credit : 
 Kiara Advani Instagram

These trendy, tried-and-tested hairstyles
may just be what your summer soiree look
is lacking. Take a cue from tinsel town and
try your hand at these easy-to-do braids.

Bella Hadid opted for a bun
with two micro-strands braided
in the front.

A two-sided dutch braid is
Janhvi Kapoor’s fuss-free pick.

 Ananya Panday sported
a high ponytail-cum-fishtail

 Addison Rae embellished her
braid with cute, mini accessories.

Kylie Jenner looked stunning
in a long-braided double ponytail. 

The Euphoria star went for
a half up-half down dutch
braid look.

Dua Lipa owns this hairstyle with
a high ponytail, multiple single
braids, and multi-hued hair ties.

Hailey Bieber’s hairdo includes
two sections of braided hair toward
the front, secured by clear elastic