Celebrity Hairstyle ATM

is THE Hottest

Wob is short for Wavy Bob,
one of the most popular
celebrity haircuts in 2021.
Allow us to illustrate


curls add freshness and romance to Bhumi's
should-length bob.

Deepika wears her hair
with a hint of carefully
styled volume, resulting in a
look that is soft-yet-glam.

Kareena's stylist has
given her sharp, edgy ends,
resulting in a look that is
structured, modern and falls
at a natural edge.

Margot's loosely-crimped
waves can be naturally
styled into place or
created with a pair of wide-
barreled tongs.

Fuss-free natural waves
are Anushka's style of
choice, as seen here
sported by the actor.

Jaqueline oomphs up
her hair and channels
some *serious*
Maryline Monroe
energy with her new,
layered cut. 

Jennifer rounds off our
list with a structured
cut of perfectly touselled,  beachy, chin-length waves.