Fall 2021
Makeup Looks
to Try Right Now

From brick lips to jewel-toned eyes,
we have put together a list
of the coolest looks to try for
your upcoming soirées.

Amped-Up Blush

Layer on your blush to create
that flushed, glowing look.

Monochrome Flush

The most surefire way to look
effortlessly put-together and
chic with minimal effort.

A Bold Red Lip

A BIG trend this fall,
one that wakes up your
face in just a swipe.

Jewel Toned Eyes

Fall is the perfect time to
try on rich tones like emerald,
sapphire, and amethyst.

Plum and
Maroon Eyeliners

For an unexpected twist, place
your pop of colour under your
eyes, instead of on the lid.