Eyebrows Say About

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Your brows reveal more secrets than you know

Shorter eyebrows are a sign of someone who doesn't deal with stress very well.

Shorter eyebrows

The ones with long eyebrows, tend to deal better with stress and typically have a lot of friends that they don't mind listening to and helping out with their problems.

Long eyebrows

Thick eyebrows signify someone who loves to be active. They’re naturally confident, they have a good head on their shoulders, and they can figure things out quickly.

Naturally full brows

People with naturally thin or sparse eyebrows, tend to doubt themselves, are unsure, and believe what other people tell them.

Naturally thin or sparse brows

Eyebrows that have a rounded curve usually mean that person is extra kind and thinks about others' needs. These people are also tactful in their communications and can easily win over others.

Round eyebrows

Straight eyebrows like Kareena Kapoor Khan indicate that the person is a logical thinker and takes decisions after much deliberation.

Straight eyebrows with little or no arches