Say About Your Personality


Your forehead is in a certain shape because of a reason, find out WHAT

This shape indicates that you are wise, good at giving advice and looking at things with a balanced approach. You are also a multitasker and like to stay organised.

Broad forehead

You are cheerful and easy going and can brighten up people's lives. Your warm smile and nature makes people open up to you.

Curved forehead

If you have a rounded one, it typically means you're creative, artistic, highly emotional, but not always logical.

Round forehead

If your forehead slants back that means you're a go-getter and like to see results.

Slanted forehead

It means you are a loner with a kind heart and you are usually driven by your emotions.

Narrow forehead

If your hairline forms a V shape in front, the edge of the V is known as the widow’s peak. This means you are versatile, talented and have the ability to build upon from scratch.

Widow’s peak