A Celebrity-Approved Guide to Clicking
the Best Photographs

Video Credit: Janhvi
Kapoor Instagram

The Lighting

Since natural light works best—as compared
to artificial sources of light, such as a ring
light—find a spot that is bright enough, not too
much, not too little. For optimal light, schedule
your photoshoot between 7:00 am to 11:00 am
or 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

Ace the Aesthetics

Pick an aesthetic that is tasteful and pleasing
to the eye. In the above picture, Alia Bhatt not
only uses the light emitted from the neon signage
to brighten up her face but also goes for a retro
vibe, owing to the pineapple signage and framed
quote in the backdrop.

The Right Angle

Choose an angle that flatters the shape of your
face. Since the lens of your front camera is
rounded, holding it up straight might make the
picture appear abnormally stretched. So, either
hold the camera straight and angle your face
slightly or opt for a top angle shot that’ll make
your face appear leaner and more defined. You
could also point your chin slightly downwards and
look up at the camera.

Pout, Strike a Pose

Pout and pose when clicking a selfie
(courtesy Kareena Kapoor Khan, all day erryday).
Life's too short to frown—or hold a serious,
straight face—in your pictures. Next time,
make sure you pose the hell out.

Edit, Or Use a Filter

There's no harm in using a filter when clicking
a picture. And, if you choose not to, there's
always scope for post-picture editing. Play with
the brightness levels, contrast, saturation, and
shadows to highlight your best features and put
them in the spotlight.

Wear Your Hair Differently

Apart from your outfits, there's another thing
you can change each time in your pictures—your
hairstyle! Play around with your hair and sport a
side-parting, a fishtail braid, a messy bun, a wob (wavy bob), or a ponytail. Keep it cool, chic, and

Take Note of Your

While you want your audience to focus on you,
their senses will inevitably take in your backdrop
as well. Click a picture in a sunny, lush green
garden, a well-decorated living room, or a beachy,
nature-inspired spot. The trick is to blend in with
your environment while making sure that you
stand out.

Balance Your

Professional photographers often use
backlight—positioning the main light source for
a photograph behind the primary subject—to
add depth to an image. However, when not
used properly, backlighting can present unique
challenges for the exposure and composition of
the picture.

Capitalise on
the Golden Hour

Catch the golden hour—the period of daytime
shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which
daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is
higher in the sky. It is undoubtedly the *best* time
to click sun-kissed selfies.