How to Pose
Like a

Video credit: Sonakshi Sinha's Instagram 

Work Your

When taking a full-body picture, make sure that the
camera is just below eye-level. A photograph aimed
ever-so-slightly upward makes for long lines. Similarly,
hold the camera above while taking a face-focused shot,
to give it more definition and accentuate your
best features.


Believe it or not, people can tell if you’re too tight or
tense in your photos. Relax your shoulders, face muscles,
eyes, everything. Your body speaks to the camera and
your picture will certainly speak to your audience.

Good Posture

When it comes to posing, slouching is a crime.
Stand (or sit) upright, hold your stomach in, and look

Know Your
‘Good’ Side

While some people are born blessed, other’s have a
good and a bad side (we’re not talking personality, FYI).
So, identify which side works better for you, and flaunt it.

Walk It Like
You Talk It

Some of the best poses aren’t poses at all—they’re actions
caught in the moment. So, try strutting down the street
and take bursts of photos. Odds are you’ll find at least
one good picture from a bunch of not-so-good ones.

Your Lines

To look elongated, stick one foot out or stand on your
tippy toes. You could also stand with one leg crossed
over the other to narrow your hips.

Shoulder Look

A celebrity red-carpet favourite, begin by having your
back to the camera and then look over your shoulder.
Lift your shoulders, curve your back, and lower your
chin slightly.

One Hand vs.
Both Hands on
the Hips

An evergreen pose, place one hand on your hip, tilt
your body, and look to the camera. The other hand can
comfortably dangle along the side of your body.
Alternatively, you could place both your hands on
your hip, paired with a smouldering gaze.