Just a Few Times
Hailey and
Justin Bieber Gave Us Major Couple Goals

From being two awkward teenagers to announcing
their engagement to the world
out of nowhere...the Biebers
have always managed to
give us butterflies with their goals! 

Throwback to the time
they went on a road trip.
This is the kind of
adventure we wanna
have with our bae!

Always killing it when it
comes to fashion, the duo
knows how to make a
riveting statement. 

The couple recently went
on a mini getaway. This time
too they managed to give
us all the #travelgoals!

They celebrated Valentine's
day by going to a gaming
arcade last year.
Psst, boyfriends take note!

Hailey wrote, "please be
my New Years kiss even
when I’m 80!!!". We truly wish
for a love story like theirs...