These Bollywood
Celebrity Look-
Alikes Will Blow
Your Mind

Credit: Alina Rai Instagram

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
and Aashita Singh

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has more than one doppelganger and Aashita Singh Rathore happens
to be one of them. With over 37k followers on Instagram, she often takes to the platform to
share videos of herself impersonating the actor or
lip-syncing her famous songs.

Salman Khan
and Najeem Khan

Najeem Khan, who is one of Salman's look- alikes,
apparently works as his double in his films.

Katrina Kaif
and Alina Rai

Alina Rai took the internet by storm when netizens
thought that she looked strikingly similar to the
famous Bollywood actor. Enjoying over 200k
followers on Instagram, the doppelganger often
posts images that are ditto to that of Katrina's.

Ranveer Singh
and Hammad Shoaib

A businessman in Pakistan, the internet believes Hammad is a spitting image of Ranveer Singh.

Shah Rukh Khan
and Ibrahim Qadri

A die-hard SRK fan, Ibrahim Qadri looks eerily
similar to the King of Bollywood. The 28-year-old
influencer is often seen recreating Shah Rukh's
photographs and movie scenes, and sharing them
with his 100k followers.

Karisma Kapoor
and Heemaa

Karisma Kapoor's look-alike, Heenaa, is a content creator whose lip-sync and look recreation videos
of Karisma have won a million hearts.

Emraan Hashmi
and Mazdak Khan

Mazdak Khan hails from Pakistan and is reportedly
a carbon-copy of Emraan Hashmi. Like Emraan
himself, Mazdak plans to work in the film industry.