Why Your Wardrobe Needs Some Not-So-Mellow Yellow This Season

The colour is now legit season-less and timeless! It's just all about getting the shade right to get in on the trend.

So while hue painted the runways in dominantly soft, fresh tones last summer, it is the unabashed, vivid, more rebellious cousin of the yellow-family that is now making an appearance everywhere!

Pantone's SS21 palette describes this one as "friendly and joyful, an optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day".

Spirited and vivacious, adding a whole lot of cheer, and gussying up even the plainest of looks, is just what it promises to do on the sartorial front, too!

Add a dash of lime and lemony effervescence by picking a bright outfit.

Extra points if it's a zany piece - in fun details (outlandish prints, puffed sleeves, OTT tiers, decollete necklines et al), or with distinctive elements (tassles, sequins, embellishments). You got it: tone it upppp in any way you like!

Add luxe fabrics, like silks and satins, and bling up with baubles, for a more plush, red-carpet-glam feel; or stick to cottons and linens for summery-cool chicness.

Whether you pull out all stops, or play coy, remember styling is the key to making or breaking this look. So do what you feel is you. Just don't forget to wear a bright pout and oodles of confidence while you're at it.