10 Lucky Jewels

Jewellery Box!

to Have in Your


Gemstone expert Nitin Yadav, the founder of GemPundit, shares the lucky stones that look beautiful and have a positive effect on you!

Wearing a diamond improves social and financial growth, increases creativity, solves marital conflicts, and leads to better reproductive health.

Wearing an emerald promotes financial, intellectual and creative growth. It also improves communication skills and soothes the mind.

Sapphire brings success in your career and improves fortune. It also makes the wearer more disciplined and patient.

Also known as the Love Stone and Bohemian Ruby, rose quartz helps raise one’s self-esteem, increases one’s beauty, and attracts love.

Peridot is a vivid green coloured gemstone that promotes intelligence, improves communication and health.

Wearing aquamarine improves leadership qualities and your married life. It rejuvenates health and boosts self-confidence.

Turquoise brings success in studies and creative ventures, improves financial and social status, and liver and lung health.

Amethyst can cure addictive tendencies, revive fortunes and relationships, soothe anxious minds and bring mental clarity.

Wearing a white sapphire leads to improved social and financial growth. It can also help resolve marital conflicts and increase immunity.

Wearing a ruby leads to professional and academic success, enhanced financial and social status, improved paternal relationships, and rejuvenated health.