5 Things
You Didn't Know
About Netflix's
Money Heist

Bella Ciao forever 

Across all five seasons over
600 of the iconic red jumpsuits
were used to dress the cast.

The show used
more than 600 red

While the series is set in Madrid shooting has taken place
all over the world.

Filming has taken
place in 300 locations
in 7 countries

The cash is a huge focus of the show,
so show runners had 6000
goldingots (gold bars) produced as
props along with a whopping
one million€50 bills.

A lot of fake money
was made for the series

Most shows write the scripts for
the entire series prior to filming,
but on Money Heist scripts are
written alongside filming.

The episodes were
written in parallel

The show was set to be titled,
Los Desahuciados, meaning
"TheOutcasts" [via screenrant], but
eventually show creators decided
thatLe Casa de Papel which
translates exactly into "The House of
Paper”made more sense.

The series originally
had a different name