7 Dark Academia
Movies to Add to
Your Binge List

If you love unsolved murder mysteries,
neutral tones, a grand stairway leading
to a dimly lit library, in an academic
setting, then peruse our list of these
must-watch movies.

Video Credit : Taylan
 Yilmaz Youtube

The Beguiled (2017)-
A wounded soldier seeks
refuge in a girls’ school.

Kill Your Darlings (2013)-
Revolving around the lives of poets Allen
Ginsberg and Lucien Carrin, this is a
murder mystery set in a prestigious college.

Mary Shelley (2017)-
A goth-inspired film, set in the 1800s,
the film revolves around the life of
the celebrated writer.

Maurice (1987)-
For fans of intense chemistry,
the movie explores love and sexuality
\in the Edwardian period.

Dorian Gray(2009)-
Based on Oscar Wilde’s novel with
a wicked plot and the desire for
immortality, the film is riveting.

The Dreamers (2003)-
Set in Paris, this movie takes you
through the themes of self-exploration,
cinema, and politics.

Total eclipse (1995)-
Guaranteed to be smitten by Leonardo
Dicaprio’s charming smile Forbidden
romance is based on poet
Arthur Rimbaud’s life.

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