7 Thriller Series to Watch


We bet these are going to be your latest addiction

Video Credit: Viu Singapore

You can watch this on Netflix. This Japanese series follows a video-game obsessed youngster who finds himself in a weird version of Tokyo, where he has to compete with other visitors in a deadly game to survive.

Alice in Borderland

This horror-action drama that released last year on Netflix revolves around a group of people trapped in a building where they have to fight off powerful enemies and eventually each other.

Sweet Home

This zombie thriller deals with the isolation and the feelings of desperation during the pandemic induced lockdown. Joon-woo, the protagonist, is left behind at home as his parents go to work. He has to follow a set of instructions given to him by his parents.


This series brings together 8 strangers who are connected to each other in a mystical way. They need to prevent their shared vision from coming true in order to survive.

Sense 8

A model high school student who is mired in the world of serious crime, gets one of his classmates suspicious and what follows is a gripping storyline.

Extra Curricular

Two detectives team up to unearth the identity of a serial killer lurking in the sleepy town of Manyang.

Beyond Evil

The series is based on a popular webtoon. This psychological-crime-horror revolves around an aspiring crime fiction writer who moves to Seoul in search of a better life but strange coincidences begin to happen with him.

Strangers from Hell