8 Noteworthy
K-Dramas That Will
Inspire You to
Be Your Best Self

From pop idol fans to egoistic dentist, these female protagonists are relatable, conflicted, and unapologetically cool!

Video Credit : Ryan
 Karolak Youtube

Hello, My Twenties -
With a refreshing outlook towards female bonding, the story revolves around the real experiences of five women who live together.

Cha- Cha- Cha (2021) -
The protagonist's journey revolves
around her accepting her flaws as a
Dentist and coming into her own.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo -
Watch Kim Bok Joo break the
notions around female weightlifters
while embracing her femininity.

True Beauty -
The plot shows the female
protagonist’s journey of

Vincenzo -
A successful, ambitious lawyer with
an amusing, eclectic personality who
is not scared to stand up against
wrong-doers is truly refreshing.

Her Private Life -
A professional, hard-working art
gallery curator who is also a
massive fan of pop idols. Curious?
Watch it already!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? -
After feeling underappreciated at her
workplace, diligent Mi-so resigns and
decides to focus on herself. Inspiring
you to speak up for yourself.

Start-Up -
This unconventional show has two
ambitious protagonists and tells the
story of how they pave their way through
Korea’s cut-throat tech landscape.

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