Movies to Watch
with Your Girl
BFFs on Your Next

Put on your PJs and enjoy these chick-flicks with your
homies this weekend!

One of the funniest
movies ever, this one
offers serious #BFFGoals.

Cher might be looking
for her love but in
the end, it is her girl best
friends who will always
have her back.

Not a movie on girl
friendship but this one's a
good ol' film you can never
go wrong with!

Three best friends go on
an adventure after one of
them goes through a breakup
and now has plans to go to
San Francisco. This one's
perfect if your group has got wanderlust in their blood.

A show where Rani
(Kangana Ranaut) finds herself and befriends people on her
first trip alone, Queen is a
movie that will teach you that there's nothing better than
being independent and
all by yourself.