15 Chic Blazers
to Add to Your

Video Credit: BollywoodInsight, YouTube

Oversized Blazer,
H&M, Rs. 2,999

Women Wool
Linen Blend Jacket,
Uniqlo, Rs. 7,990

Tailored Blazer,
Zara, Rs. 5,590

Tailored Patch
Pocket Blazer,
Marks & Spencer,
Rs. 3,499

Navy Blue Dash Blazer,
Urvashi Kaur, Rs. 13,650

Pink Striped Blazer,
Vero Moda, Rs. 3,299

Striped Open-Front Sleeveless Blazer,
NUSH, Rs. 1,499

Black Checks Blazer,
Van Heusen, Rs. 3,999

Neon-Green One
Shoulder Blazer,
FKNS by Narendra
Kumar, Rs. 9,800

Structured Blazer,
Mango, Rs. 3,990

Black Double
Breasted Blazer,
Only, Rs. 3,499

Madrasee Blazer,
Doh Tak Keh, Rs. 10,900

Multi-Color Stripes
Self-Tie Blazer,
Forever 21, Rs. 1,999

JULIA - Lavender
Open Blazer,
Alter Ego, Rs. 3,250

Heathered Blazer
with Vented Lapels,
Project Eve, Rs. 3,499