5 Easy Tips
For a
Less Wasteful

Look cute,
help the planet, win-win

Credit : BBC Earth


Hand-me-downs from close family and friends
is a good idea. Also look at giving a fresh lease
of life to old clothes with some innovativeideas.

DIY Repairs

Do not replace a damaged item with something
new, there's value in making manageable repairs
on your own.

your purchases

Buy stuff that you love and feel you’ll wear at
least 30 times. Don’tbe tempted to buy stuff
just because it’s cheap.

Do your research

If you're opting for some new purchases,
consider looking into the brand's sustainability
policies. There are loads of new brands committed
to practicing social and eco responsibility.

Rent an outfit

Want something fresh to zhush up your look,
but want to be gentler to the planet? Check out
one of the renting platforms to hire clothes
foran event.