7 Chic Corset Belts
to Elevate Your Boring Outfit

Video Credit : 
 Pinkrope, Youtube

Presenting gorgeous and trendy
corset belts to add the final touch
of flair to your look!

Ritu Kumar, Teal Green
Rivet Corset Belt, Rs.4,800

Scarlet Sage, Dull Gold Clasp
Buckle Belt-Nude, Rs.2,000

Tiger Marron,
The Hourglass, Rs.5,500

Versace, Fendace Buckle
Wide Belt, Rs.1,32,100

Torqadorn, Wine Double
Cord Belt, Rs.2,650

Haute Sauce,
Minimalist Corset Belt, Rs.1,999

And Also, Green Leather
Corset, Rs.9,500