Take inspiration from celebs to channel the boss babe energy in you, for they have cracked the code of styling a waist coat the right way.

Who said you can’t carry your corporate aesthetic to a party? Shanaya’s red waist coat paired with trousers proves to be a total hit.

 High heels, minimal jewellery, matching trousers and a waist coat. Kareena Kapoor has left us with some major styling lessons. And we’re taking notes.

Pairing a blazer with your waist coat only adds more glamour to the look. Sonakshi Sinha’s assistant understood the assignment.

Kendall Jenner, hailed as the queen of street style, effortlessly rocks any ensemble. In this instance, she effortlessly combines a gray waistcoat with black trousers, adding sunglasses to complete the chic look.

 Throwback to when Zendaya showcased timeless style in a super chic waistcoat, complemented by understated silver accessories and elevated by high heels – a truly classic ensemble.