Designers Who Champion the
Cause of
Sustainable Fashion

On World Earth Day, here’s a quick
look at some of the ambassadors
of sustainable fashion...

Stella McCartney is certainly a pioneer of
eco-friendly, cruelty-free, inclusive, and
ethical fashion. As seen here, these baggy
raver trousers and corset are both made
 from recycled materials. 

Karishma Shahani’s label Ka-Sha is all
about upcycling and recycling.
Case in point: this beautiful Raika jacket made with patches of waste fabrics. 

The Insta bio of Christy Dawn says it all:
‘Sustainability is not enough. Healing the soil
and ourselves.’ The fabric of this Daisy print
dress has been dyed using turmeric,
pomegranate skins, and sesame paste
(purely plant-based). 

Shivan Punja, founder of behno, believes in
creating the world’s best and most consciously
made handbags. He has improved working
conditions for his craftsmen and provided them
facilities like healthcare, fair wages, and
contributed towards eradicating child labour. 

Video Credit : Chloé