5 Signs It’s Time to Let Go of the Guy


Look for these signs hidden in plain sight to move on in life.

Video Credit: EyesOfTruth 1011

You find it difficult to trust him

If has broken your trust enough to make you feel uncomfortable about trusting you then, it’s a clear indication that something isn’t right.

You can’t recall the last time you were truly happy

Every relationship has good and bad days. But if the bad days out number the good ones then there’s something seriously wrong.

He never follows up on his promises

He may have made several promises to change or about your future together but he never follows up on them.

He wants to constantly change you

He wouldn’t show any respect for your values and beliefs and would constantly make you feel that you are wrong and need to change.

You feel drained by him

When you reach a point where you feel toxic in their presence, then all you will notice is what is `'bad`' about them.