5 Yoga Asanas
to Sculpt and Tone Your Butt

Video Credit: Shilpa
Shetty Instagram 

Squat Pose

Malasana requires you to sit in the squat position
for as long as you can, with your legs wide apart.
This particular asana stretches the thighs, groin,
hips, ankles, torso, and butt. In addition, it tones
the abdominal muscles and increases blood
circulation in the pelvic region.

Side Plank Pose

Holding the Vashishthasana pose helps employ
both the core and gluteus muscles, energising
them. The side plank pose also strengthens the
arms, tones the belly, stretches the wrists and
forearms, activates your calf muscles, improves
balance, and lifts the butt.

Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana can be a liberating experience
since it not only strengthens and tones the butt
but also helps stretch the chest and shoulder
areas while stimulating the abdomen. Remember
to extend both the upper and lower body while
contracting your butt consciously

Bridge Pose

Lie down in a comfortable position with your
spine touching the mat. Fold your knees and keep
your feet hip-distance apart on the floor. Lift the
arms in line with your body, with the palms facing
down. Slowly lift your lower back, middle back,
and upper back off the floor. Gently roll the
shoulders in, touching the chest to the chin,
distributing your weight with your shoulders,
arms, and feet equally.

Warrior Pose

Spread your legs wide as your turn to either side.
Gaze at a point to find balance as you lift one foot
parallel to the ground, pushing both your hands
ahead of you. Bend from the hips, engaging your
butt and your abdomen. Keeping the knee slightly
bent can help establish balance as well.