Ted Talks That Help
You Become a
Better Version of

Video Credit :
 TEDx Talks Youtube

Life-altering, personal and
professional ideas on how to
embrace, improve, and flourish.

The power of vulnerability
by Brené Brown

The Space Between Self-Esteem
and Self-Compassion by
Kristin Neff

Emotional Intelligence: Using
the Laws of Attraction by
D. Ivan Young

How to stop your thoughts
from controlling your life by
Albert Hobohm

How To Eliminate Self Doubt
Forever & The Power of Your
Unconscious Mind by Peter Sage

Inside the mind of a
master procrastinator by
Tim Urban

The art of seduction
by Seema Anand

Why are we happy?
Why aren't we happy?
by Dan Gilbert

The power of introverts
by Susan Cain

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