14 Simple Tips and Tricks to Get Glowing Skin in No Time!

So easy, so effective!

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1. Drink water

Your skin is the last place to gain any benefits from the water you drink because all of your other organs are greedy. So take a leaf out of Karlie Kloss' book and drink LOADS of the stuff to hydrate and plump your skin.

2. Eat your fruit and vegetables

For seriously radiant skin, eating colourful, nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables is the way to go. What you put in that body of yours will not only help protect your skin, but it can also improve your overall skin tone and combat dryness (AKA anti-glow). These foods should be your go-to.

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3. Take supplements

You should never replace healthy food with supplements, but think of them like an extra somethin' somethin'. The Beauty Chef Inner Hydration Boost is designed specifically for creating skin that shines from within.

4. Sweat

Exercise not only does amazing things for your fitness, but it also improves your skin. When you're working out, blood and oxygen is pumped around your body, transporting goodness to every inch of your skin and creating a healthy flush of colour.

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5. Have sex

Just do it and reap the benefits. It eliminates toxins, improves blood circulation, releases endorphins, assists with hormone imbalances, boosts collagen...the list goes on.

6. Exfoliate

As your skin naturally regenerates, old cells can build up on your face, making your skin look uneven and dull. Exfoliating with a chemical exfoliant like Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys once a week, will mean you're always putting your best, smoothest face forward, and your makeup will glide on easily.

7. Wear a masque

To enhance all of the good work you've been doing with drinking and eating, amp up your skin with a nourishing mask. Dermalogica's Skin Hydrating Masque is packed full of Hyaluronic Acid which locks in moisture, ensuring your skin looks fresh.

8. Moisturise

For round-the-clock hydration that goes hand in hand with Hayden Panettiere-esque skin, try Neutrogena's Hydroboost Water gel . It's the creme de la creme in terms of lightweight moisture infusion.

9. Wear the right primer

Apply a primer with light-reflecting particles or shimmer (not glitter) like L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer before your foundation for skin with MAJOR glow factor. It preps your skin to help your makeup last longer, whilst simultaneously hydrating your skin.

10. Avoid powder

Stick to using sheerer liquid foundations for beaming skin as they'll let your natural glow (and your primer's shimmer) shine through. Cue: the compliments. Powder foundation can look too dry and matte, however if you have oily skin, a light dusting of powder over the T-zone won't impact your glow.

11. Avoid harsh cleansers

Strong cleansers can suck the moisture and life out of your skin much like a vampire (READ: no glow). Stick to gentle cleansers which leave your skin and all of its glorious oils intact.

12. Use a sheer blush

A bright complexion doesn't end at your foundation, the rest of your products need strong glow game too. Try using a sheer liquid blush like Becca Beach Tint to create a dewy finish.

13. Illuminate your skin

If you want your complexion to look all holiday healthy without using up precious annual leave, illuminate the high points of your face with Laura Mercier's Face Illuminator in Indiscretion. Think cheek bones, inner corners of your eyes, bridge of your nose and across the top of your forehead.

14. Wear sunscreen

Steal Lupita N'yongo's supercharged skin by protecting it from the sun's harsh rays which can dehydrate and age the skin. Lancome's Hydra Zen Beauty Balm Neurocalm not only has SPF, but also boosts radiance and conceals "imperfections", leaving you with a ~flawless~ complexion.

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1. Slough away dead cells to reveal softer, more luminous skin. Even if you already use a physical exfoliator (a formula boasting scrubbing beads to buff your complexion), adding a chemical exfoliator to your regimen will make a big difference in the look and feel of your skin. Once a week (or twice, depending on how sensitive your skin is), skip using your usual serum or moisturizer, and replace it with a leave-on chemical exfoliator, like Le Weekend De Chanel Weekly Renewing Face Care, which uses ingredients like glycolic acid to exfoliate your skin deeply, cleansing your pores of dirt, oil, bacteria, and debris that can lead to breakouts, and rose water to help calm the skin as the exfoliator does its work. Just remember to apply sunscreen immediately afterward, since it will make your skin sensitive to the sun's rays.
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