Try these easy AF home remedies to get a thicker mane (without spending a fortune on those pricey hair salons):

​1. Olive Oil

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​Olive oil contains Vitamin E and healthy fats that strengthen your strands and boost hair growth.

​How to use it:

  • Take some olive oil and warm it up
  • Massage your hair and scalp with the oil, and let it sit for about 45 minutes. 
  • Rinse it off thoroughly, and follow it up with a mild shampoo. 
  • Do this twice a week.

​2. Avocado

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​Avocado is packed with healthy fats, proteins and Vitamin E that makes your tresses healthy and voluminous.

​How to use it:

  •  Mash an avocado and a banana.
  • Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the mashed fruits. 
  • Massage the mixture on your scalp and leave it on for about half an hour. 
  • Rinse off followed by your regular shampoo.
  • Do this once a week.

​3. Eggs

​Eggs are loaded with proteins ​that strengthen your strands, prevent hair breakage and improve growth.

​How to use it:

  • Take an egg yolk and 2-3 tablespoons of mustard oil.
  • Apply the mix on your scalp and leave it on for about half an hour. 
  • Rinse it off and shampoo. 
  • Use this hair treatment twice a week. 

​4. Castor Oil

Castor oil is packed with Vitamin E and fatty acids that prevent thinning of hair and boost growth.

​How to use it:

  • Take equal parts castor oil and coconut oil and warm them.
  • Apply this mixture on your hair and scalp.
  • Massage thoroughly and comb your tresses to let the oil spread evenly.
  • Wrap your head in a hot towel and leave it on for about an hour.
  • Rinse it thoroughly and then shampoo it as you normally would.
  • Do this once a week.

​5. Amla

​Indian gooseberry or ​amla​ strengthens your hair roots and nourishes your locks making it healthier and thicker.

​How to use it:

  • Take a tablespoon of amla powder and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Heat the mixture until it boils.
  • Strain out the oil and massage it onto your scalp. 
  • Leave it overnight and shampoo it the next morning.
  • Use this remedy once a week.

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