Kangana Ranaut Has a New Admirer From Bollywood!!

Hint: He is Bollywood 'royalty'...

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Kangana Ranaut has set another benchmark for portrayal of women in Bollywood with her performance in Queen

The actress has gained many admirers for her performance in the movie, with even legendary superstar like Amitabh Bachchan confessing to be a huge fan of the actress.

The latest to join the ranks of Queen fans is Shahrukh Khan!

The actor gushed about Kangana in the movie and his thoughts on the film, "Queen was my last film which I liked it very much. The direction was fantastic. The film had good songs and the story was fabulous - it was about women's empowerment without shoving into the face. Of course, Kangana Ranaut was beautiful."

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We COMPLETELY agree with King Khan on this! Queen was brilliant, made even more brilliant by Kangana herself!

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