Awww! Priyanka Chopra Did the Most Adorable Thing For Her Quantico Cast-Mate!

Aside from being the Coolest Human Being on Planet Earth, PC's an awesome friend too!

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Priyanka Chopra seriously needs to staaaahp!

Not only has she established that she is basically taking over the whole world, she is JUST. SO. NICE!

You know how when your friends get a terrible cold and you make fun of their swollen-throat voice and running nose? No...?? Just me? 

Oookay, then!

Moving on from my very questionable social skills, what PC did for her Quantico co- star, Yasmine Al Massri (who plays Reina and Nima), when she was ill is probably the sweetest thing ever!

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I lov u @priyankachopra .. Good friends drop soup at your house when u are sick 👭👯

A post shared by Yasmine Al Massri (@jazmasri) on

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PC reposted this with a message for her:

Can we be BFFs, pretty please?!

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