Deepika Padukone is shooting for the 'xXx​' sequel with Vin Diesel and Ruby Rose and we just can't get over how well Deepika and Ruby Rose are getting along together!

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Recently when one fan tweeted out to Ruby Rose, asking her what she though of Deepika, her answer was pretty much the best:

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The two of them even went 'house hunting' together, while looking fierce and fabulous, of course:

Behind the scenes of #xXx. @deepikapadukone and @rubyrose look fierce and strong for #TheReturnOfXanderCage! Don't you agree?

A photo posted by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on

When Ruby Rose received a major GLAAD award, Deepika was obviously very proud:


And remember the time Deepika Padukone's workout videos freaked Ruby Rose out?!

DP and Rubster for life!

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