10 Kim Kardashian Memes That'll Have You ROFLing Like CRAZY

"Don't cry! Have a fry!"

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Can the world get enough of Kimberly Kardashian-West? If that answer can be quantified in RUH-diculous internet memes, it would be a pretty resounding 'no'. While a lot of the memes out there are unnecessarily nasty to Kimmy and the fam, we found a few we're sure even the lady herself would guffaw at...

#2. Mommy issues, anyone?
#4. Always bonus points for the #VMAThrowback
#7. Galloping into the spotlight...
#8. Okay. Tough call.
When a Shoefie meets a Cryfie
Ouch! Did the internet break because Kim punched it for this one?
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