This REALLY Old Interview With Katrina Kaif Makes You Realise How Much Has Changed

She still looks amazeballs, though.

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Cosmo:  Something exciting that's happened to you recently?

Katrina: "Professionally, I would say, it is the Lakmé campaign. It's a big one and I'm very pleased I landed it."

C: At work, what are you most likely to throw a tantrum about?

K: I am not the sort of person who throws tantrums on the set, but if people are just standing around, clueless about their job, or doing it badly, I sometimes get frustrated and lose my temper.

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C: What's your work mantra? 

K:  I believe in giving a hundred per cent to whatever I'm doing. I don't ever do anything half-heartedly.

C:  What about films? Have you had any more big offers?

K: I have had a lot of offers but I haven't signed anything on after Boom. I'm waiting to be offered a role in which I can make the kind of impact I want. So far, there have been good filmmakers, but not the kind of roles that really excite me.

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C: When you're not at work, where may one run into you...

K: The gym, my dance class, or just hanging out with a few close friends.

C: How do you handle a crisis? 

K: I cry for hours, then sit at home with swollen eyes. Once it's out of my system, I figure out a way to tackle it.

C: How do you deal with cheesy pick-up lines?

K: I am bad with that. I look right over the head of the guy. I don't like confrontations. I prefer to walk away from an ugly situation.

C: What kind of a partner are you?

K: I'm very loving. And I'm also reasonably demanding. Because being in a relationship meanssomuchtome,Ihavealotof expectations. Yet, I like my independence and would not lose my individuality. I give and need a lot of space as well.

C: Are you high-maintenance? 

K: No, I am very simple. I don't think being high-maintenance has anything to do with money. It's to do with attitude.

C:  Five qualities you like in a man? 

K: Honesty,loyalty,confidence,humility and an amazing sense of humour.

C: A man you'd like to meet? 

K: I really admire Russell Crowe and would love to meet him.

C: Who is the sexiest man alive? 

K: Johnny Depp.No question.

C: Films you love?

K: Gone with the Wind and Umrao Jaan.

C: Any guilty pleasures? 

K: I can eat an abnormal amount of sweets and desserts at any time.

C: Your worst habit?

K: I am constantly biting my lips. I've tried to stop, but it's impossible!

(Interview by Sarita Tanwar)

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