​1. He has an amazing  voice.

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​Fawad was the lead singer in  Entity Paradigm, an alternative rock band in Pakistan. Their only album ​Irtiqa ​ was a great success. The boy band disbanded as its members went on to pursue different projects. 

2. And he plays the guitar, bass and drums!

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​We'd totally rock an 'I'm with the band' t-shirt.

3. Fawad wanted to be an aeronautical engineer

As a teenager, Fawad wanted to be an aeronautical engineer (we're kinda pleased fate had other plans!)

4. He is a graduate in computer engineering.

5.  He runs a clothing brand 

It's called 'SILK by Fawad Khan'. So yeah, he's basically a paragon of virtues, we get it, Fawad!

6. He's Pakistan's highest paid actor

Unsurprisingly, he's currently the highest paid actor in Pakistan.

7. His celebrity crush is Anne Hathaway

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If only she knew!

​8. He is a die-hard romantic.

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He asked his girlfriend, Sadaf Khan, to marry him when he was just 17! They got married in 2005. The couple has a kid, Ayaan Khan.​ (Did you hear something? Oh, that was the sound of our heart shattering).

9. He's a diabetic.

The 34 year-old actor developed Type 1 diabetes after he met with an accident that damaged his pancreas.

 10. He is the First Pakistani to win a Filmfare Best Actor award

Fawad bagged the black lady for Best Debut Actor (Male) for his performance in Khoobsurat

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