Here's a New Development: Hrithik Roshan Sent Cupcakes to Sunny Leone!

Find out exactly why...!

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It always makes news when a 'divorced' male actor is nice to a female actor on social media...with everyone misconstruing something as simple as a chivalrous gesture. Something similar happened when Sunny Leone posted this picture with a yummy batch of cupcakes and thanked Hrithik Roshan for it. Everyone's mind started working overtime, thinking is he interested in her or is it because they might be doing a movie together...the works.  

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However, we did some snooping around and found out that this was just Hrithik being his adorable self... The story goes like this...Hrithik posted this tweet: 

To which Sunny replied tweeting this:

And then Hrithik said the sweetest thing EVER:

Awww... See guys, that's the truth!

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