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Shivani Patil, 19 

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"I love layering,
but it's not the
wisest sartorial
choice during
summer. Which
is why I've
created a breezy
look with denim
shorts, a tee,
and heels to
chic things up!" 

Varna Jayraj, 21 

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"This pair of
is my current
favourite. I've
teamed them
with a crop
top and heels
to add height;
plus thrown
in a fedora
for fun." 

Jas Sagu, 28    

"I like to throw
in different
patterns and
colours to
create a fun
what I've
done here." 

Shivi Tandon, 23    

"A pair of distressed jeans are my
new basic. A graphic tee and sneakers
(along with a fun emoji) work
perfectly to create a great day look!" 

Srishti Agarwal, 25 

"I have tried to
create a contrast
between 'serious'
and 'cool' by
teaming these
joggers with
a denim vest
and stark ,black

Styling by: Sanjana Ghai

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