1) When someone says Nutella is over and you don't know whether they're joking or are actually serious.

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2) When the person you hate starts speaking.

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3) When someone starts telling you a story you KNOW is a lie but you just let them speak cuz it's hella fun.

4) When you're working on a group project and you only have one good idea after 13 hours.

5) When someone disses Harry Potter in front of you and you can't decide where to hide their body after you've killed them.

6) When your mum asks you to pose seriously for a family picture.

7) When you say something smart and you know you've slayed it.

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8) When you have to be nice to someone you actually hate.

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9) When two of your friends are arguing with each other about something that happened 200 years ago and you're just like...

10)When someone makes fun of your eyebrows and even though you laugh then, you know you've died a little inside.

11) When you mess up but you know you're hella cute and no one will say anything to you.

12) When someone says the movie was better than the book.

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