20 Ads SO Sexist, You'll Be Glad You were Born In 2016

Can we kill the guy that made #9?

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#1. Chase & Sanborn Coffee

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"Yeah, because God forbid right? A woman who doesn't scramble at the break of dawn to brew you the freshest of brews? Flog her!"

#2. Kellogg's

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"And if she isn't cute, what is her retail value, really? Would I not prefer to buy an attractive mixer-grinder or sweeping robot?"

#3. Underwood Typewriters

"Because, for me, as woman, the key shining quality of a typewriter has very little to do with printing quality and smoothness of keys. Keep my nails lookin' swell, that's my motto!"

#4. Van Heusen Ties

"Indeeeeeed! *smirk smirk snicker snicker* and if she gets out of hand, tie her to the bedpost with this Van Heusen beauty till she remembers her place."

#5. Lux for underthings

"Dearie! You have a career, passion, and talent—but wouldn't you rather lose those 'nothing' qualities and trade 'em in for being perspiration-free? After all, you won't catch a man with those silly things, and then all your little dreams won't come true!"

#6. Drummond Sweaters

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"Awww! Look at you, trying to run away from the kitchen and climb a mountain! Silly girl, you should know better. Now go fold my shirts."

#7. Palmolive

"Yeah, b*tch. This is YOUR fault."

#8. Lux for stockings

"Lux—making a living off of sexism since 1899"

#9. Heinz Ketchup

"Gee whizz! Even WE can uncap this bottle? I better be careful, next thing I know I'll be dreaming of opening a jar without help, too!"

#10. New Ivory Soap

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"Damn straight, mother! Take a goddamn bath and calm the f*ck down. All your constant subservience and servitude is kinda working my manly nerves."

#11. CO-LE Sales Company

"Why would you ever fathom stopping? Look how happy she is!"

#12. Warner undergarments

"If he cheats, slaps you around or spits out your food right in your face, you only have your fruit-shaped rear to blame."

#13. Hush Puppies

"LULLLZ! Those feminist b*tches be like..."

#14. Mini Automatic

"Dawwww! Don't look so confused! Even a WOMAN can move it around—we swear!

#15. Hardee's 

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"Because anyone who thinks there's a difference between a deep fryer and a woman is just the kookiest of kooks."

#16. Tipalet cigarettes

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"We're all really just suckers for demeaning gestures that blow smoke up our nostrils. Which are hairless and pristine, as a good lady's must be."

#17. Worth 

"Of course we know we're useful! Do you think the dishes wash themselves?!"

#18. Venereal Disease Awareness

"Because, as Dr Dre so eloquently put it, 'B*tches ain't shit but hoes and tricks'".

#19. Dormeyer

"Girls, if we pool all our tears, we can take over the town!"

#20.  Lustre Cream

"I saw one of 'em 'girlie boys' in pink once, so I had my man burn him alive!"

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