How Many Ex-lovers Is Too Many?

Cosmo took to the streets and asked men and women what their ideal number is!

Everybody has a number-it's one of those things that adds up while searching for 'The One'. In fact, according to experts, mentally revisiting the people you bagged in the past can be cathartic-it can help you draw on the positive aspects of ex relationships, or simply remind you of what you don't want in future partners. But does that number matter to the opposite sex? Is your 'been there, done that' list a reminder of how many relationships didn't work out, or how many worthwhile experiences you've had? We asked 18 girls and guys just how many is too many.

"I'd say anything between 10 and 15 before you finally settle down. To me, that's not an excess number-it's just the right amount of indulgence."

-Anchal Khosla, 22

"It's not easy to come up with an exact number of 'ideal previous partners', but if I had to, the figure would be slightly different for girls and guy. I think two or three past relationships is an okay number for a girl; and if I met a guy with more than five ex girlfriends, I'd be certain he was a real player."

Sahaya Sharma, 22

"I'd go for quality more than quantity, really. I don't think a number matters as long as you're happy and having a good time. Life is too short to worry about how a relationship will add to a socalled ideal 'list'."

Adhiraj Singh, 22

"About five or six for a woman and between five and 20 for a guy. It's a lot easier for men to get away with a high figure of conquests. It's not fair, but unfortunately, that's just how it works."

- Karan Khurana, 23

"I'd say between eight and 10 for both men and women. That equals the right amount of experience."

- Kajal Gupta, 26

"At least three serious relationships and anywhere between four to five flings for both sexes. That way, it balances out, so you don't feel bad about the flings."

- Sonali Batra, 20

"Anywhere between five and 10 for both men and women. Why have double standards? I think both sexes should explore and experiment."

- Karan Singh, 22

"Any number below five is acceptable; anything more than that could be seen as trashy. Ultimately, though, it's each his own."

- Aftab Dere, 22

"I've been with the same guy for five years now, so my views might be biased, but I don't think being with too many people adds any value. Sticking with one is what counts."

- Divya Bawa, 22

"Definitely below six for girls. Otherwise you get stereotyped. Also, having too many failed relationships is covertly saying something about you."

-Hansika Seth, 20

"Between five and 10 for guys, and under four for girls. I say that because boys like to put themselves out there a lot more than women, and can attach and detach with a lot more ease."

- Rukman Dhawan, 20

"No number is too many. People might judge you, but that's not reason enough to hold back. The more experience you have, the better it is."

- Manvi Verma, 26

"Four is a good number for women, and two more than that for men. Men take longer to find 'The One', and tend to experiment more. Women make more informed choices when it comes to matters of the heart, so four is the maximum you can do without combusting."

- Meher Sra, 20

"Above 10 for men - you have to have had enough relationships to know who you want to end up with. Between three and five for women. Unfortunately, we get 'stud status' and women don't!"

- Jaan Gill, 23

"It boils down to how many times you've fallen for someone. It's a waste of time investing in a relationship if you're not really into it. So if that happens 10 times over, that's your acceptable number."

- Rustam Tiwari, 26

"Anything above five is too many for both men and women. Even one relationship takes so much out of you, so if you're able to do more than five, either you have a lot of patience or you've been in them half-heartedly."

- Sharan Behl, 22

"Any figure that goes into double-digit territory is scary. You're left wondering whether the need to be with someone is more than the want part of it."

- Akshat Kumar, 23

"If we're talking serious committed relationships, I think four is an ideal number. Higher than that and you can't help but wonder whether the person involved wears their heart on their sleeve."

- Jai Kewalramani, 23

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