19 Signs He's Just Not That Into You

* He hates your friends...and your family*


If you say yes to even 5 of these signs, it's time to reconsider the relationship, girl!

  1. He doesn't meet your friends. He hates your favourite grand-aunt
  2. can't stand to hear you talking endlessly about your sis' kids.

3. He is visibly flirtatious with other women, as if you don't exist. He dates them as well.

4. You don't do the stuff other couples do—movies, lunches, dinners. It's mostly just late-night hanging.

5. He deliberately sabotages your relationship—turning up late, or not at all. And he doesn't apologise!

6. He flips channels if they're showing When Harry Met Sally.

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7. You're the one making all the plans...and he can't even SHOW UP for half of them.

8. On your last birthday, he sent you a text...and nothing else (and yes, he has a job)!

9. When you ask him about your New Year's plan, he's vague. In fact, he never likes making any long-term plans with you.

10. When you talk to him about a bad day at work, he zones out and is visibly uncomfortable.

11. He's not free to watch a movie. He's busy with work for that concert. He just can't make it to your best friend's party. But he's happy to meet you late in the night for some sex.

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12. When someone asks if you're dating,  he changes the topic or laughs nervously.

13. In fact, he never introduces you as his girlfriend!

14. Also, you've never met any of his family or friends. Sometimes you wonder if they even know you exist.

15. When you fight, you're ALWAYS the one who has to make up first.

16. In fact, when you fight, YOU'RE the one who's really bothered. He seems to be doing just fine.

17. When you ask about the future, he says things like, 'The timing is wrong' or 'What's the rush?' or 'I'm commitment phobic'.

18. Sometimes, you feel like he treats his friends better than you.

19. He refuses to hold hands or hug you in public. To someone else, you'd probably just come across as friends.

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