7 Signs You're An Annoying Facebook Couple



You put inside jokes on each other's walls

"Hey, babe, that restaurant we hated is in the new Ranbir Kapoor film? Remember that old waiter! And the thing with the tablecloth? Oh my god, LOLZ!"

#1. When a single friend comments on a photo, you try to set her up

"Awww! You guys! This is so cute! You both look so good together!"

"*hug. Thanks XYZ! Don't worry, we'll find you your soulmate and then we'll double!"

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#2. Ninety percent of your pictures are pictures of the two of you

"#soinlove #aboutlastnight #togetherforever #bae"

#3. The S.O.'s best friend talks to you like you're HIS best friend

Picture Caption: Got SO smashed last night. #sangria

BF's BFF: You never could handle wine, could you Priya Mehtani?

#4. You make plans on each other's walls

Priya is interested in an event. "What say, Karan Rana? Friday Night Date?"

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#5. You have your own hashtag.

"Spent yet another amazing anniversary chilling, relaxing and having the best time ever with my baby. #Priyan

#6. You're overtly encouraging of each other's achievements on Facebook

Karan Rana started working at Goldman Sachs

Priya Mehtani: SO proud of you, baby! Muuuuah!

#7. You feel the need to get involved in their OTHER Facebook interactions

XYZ: P! It's been ages, girl! Where you at these days?

Priya: Heeeyyy! I've moved to Delhi now! But I hate it here, I miss Bombay SO much!

Karan: Hey, hey! If you hadn't moved here, you'd never have met me.

Priya: Okay, true. XOXO!

(XYZ has left the building)

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