4 Positions to Start the Day off Right

Enjoy an orgasm 100 times stronger than your morning espresso.

Cosmoin India

The Over Easy

Lie on your side with him behind you, in spoon position. He lifts your leg and enters you from behind. The low-key action is perfect for sleepy sex, and he or you can rub your clit. It’s easy, but it’ll get him hard-boiled.

The Spoon Bread

Kneel and lean down over a stack of pillows. He kneels and leans on you from behind, his legs outside yours. You’re getting G-spot action, lazy intimacy, and free hands to grab your iPhone and check your e-mail. JK! JK?

Bangers and Mash

Get on top with your upper body flush against his, and rock gently in whatever way feels best for you. You’ll love the pelvic friction, and your breasts against him will make him feel more virile than a 7am CrossFit sesh.

The French Toast

He sits on the bed and leans backwards. Hook your legs over his hips, and lean back on your elbows. You are in a relaxing position, but also get to work those orgasmic hip muscles.

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